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Every month we feature a blog from a BEC member. This month we are delighted to feature a blog from Q Cleaning.

How did Q Cleaning start? Over the years we have grown and assembled a robust team of reliable and diligent staff. Our experience covers every aspect of commercial contract cleaning and a variety of specialist areas. These  services include:

Communal Areas

It’s a well-known fact that office communal areas are often the most neglected. However, when you enter the office building it is the place where new and first impressions begin. Looking around you observe the surroundings and notice if various areas are dirty or untidy. Usually, you start at the floor and the eye works its way up. If an area is unkempt first impressions are rarely favourable. Over the years Q Cleaning has worked with many, public and private organisations to ensure that all the building’s communal areas, including the entranceway, corridors, lifts, and staircases receive the exemplary cleaning regime alongside the rest of the premises receiving adequate care and attention.

Did you know that over many years Q Cleaning has acquired a special expertise that enables us to provide the most diligent cleaning services at remarkably competitive costs?  Whether it is for public or private housing, commercial, industrial, health, education, leisure or public venues we are always happy to advise and discuss methods, schedules, and costs wherever it suits.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Our specialties lie in carpet and upholstery cleaning and we are often contracted by leading organisations. The venues include hotels, pubs, schools, retail establishments, hospitals, and theatres, alongside many of the large commercial businesses ranging from prestige offices to high-end showrooms.

By using modern treatment technology we can expertly deep clean carpets and upholstery, including the removal of spills and stains, efficiently and quickly to ensure that all rooms and offices are available for use as quickly as possible.

Our carpet or upholstery cleaning contracts are never the same. Bearing this in mind we always prefer to come along and inspect the location before we recommend the best cleaning method and equipment from our diverse range of options available.

Franchising Opportunities with Q Cleaning

We currently have franchising opportunities available with Q Cleaning offering an earning potential of over £60,000 in year 3. For more information view http://www.qcleaning-franchise.net

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