Using your values as a compass and Learning from others is for me the two most key elements in business; you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, it has all been done before in some shape or form.
In the world of business today and the constant miss use of the word entrepreneur. People believe the reason they enter in to the world of self-employment or in Partnership is right for them at that time in their Lives but the acid test is taking action to do it.
In my experience the best way to learn a skill or develop your career in business is through starting as an employee working in a structured environment and listening to those with more experience and Knowledge which is priceless and Free
Being paid a salary and attaining industry qualification can be a very rewarding way to “live and learn” especially when you start off on life’s path aiming to becoming self-reliant and independent.
Through achieving the standard of living you want for your financial rewards will most definitely govern your thoughts and expectations in life.
A regular wage packet and regular holidays and an attractive contract of employment which many people choose is  right for them and a most importantly a learning curves for those who think they know best and need a different work life style balance.
So before you leap into the world of self-employed get qualified in the industry you want to operate in  ,know you competitors and don’t beat yourself up if at first you don’t get matters quite right .
I truly believe “Thoughts become Things

Best Wishes
Tony Moran Founder/Director
The Business Executive Club Ltd

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