The 21st century has proved to be TESTING TIMES in the world of work with job opportunities and job satisfaction being the key to determining your life style, where permanent employment contracts will become harder to secure and the words short term, temporary, flexible contracts will form a major part of people’s working life vocabulary.
Consequently the need to re-examine the choices that have to be made in this new era of employment with no guarantees is now more relevant in today’s world of employment than ever before.
The demand for a more independent flexible work force will become the norm in our everyday working life and the way to adapt to that trend is by being ready as a new generation of BUSINESS WARRIORS.
One thing we pride ourselves in is the ability to adapt to change in developing new skills and changing attitudes towards the world of employment.
We are now looking at a new generation of career minded entrepreneurs a growing sector of self-employed people who offer a comprehensive package of services with the flexibility to suit their life style whilst at the same time delivering a high level of service to the client/customer and maintaining financial independent.
The world of Business will also need to adapt their attitude and approach to the self-employed sector by recognising the true value and flexible contribution towards businesses.
We have a growing generation of educated people experiencing more than ever the lack of opportunities in this modern work place environment especially as we see the diminishing of permanent employment contracts and an increase of self-employed as a career choice.

This fast growing trend of self-employment beings a career option and must be achieved through  formal education courses based on a curriculum of business skills and knowledge in the business community delivered by the higher education colleges who have  excellent facilities to deliver.

These changes can only be addressed if we change our mind set and attitude towards the word self-employed by accepting joint responsibility by determining our own careers can we set out a life style journey with greater job opportunities and job satisfaction, the choice is there to take there is no right or wrong answer, it’s about how you see you worth your value your independence and most importantly your ability to earn a WAGE

The Business Executive Club Team
This blog was produced by Tony Moran, Co-Director of The Business Executive Club who meets every month at Denton Golf Club. Their ethos is Excellence through Experience. If you would like to find out more or attend one of BECs network lunches visit the website .

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