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Employment vs Self Employment

Using your values as a compass and Learning from others is for me the two most key elements in business; you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, it has all been done before in some shape or form.
In the world of business today and the constant miss use of the word entrepreneur. People believe the reason they enter in to the world of self-employment or in Partnership is right for them at that time in their Lives but the acid test is taking action to do it.
In my experience the best way to learn a skill or develop your career in business is through starting as an employee working in a structured environment and listening to those with more experience and Knowledge which is priceless and Free
Being paid a salary and attaining industry qualification can be a very rewarding way to “live and learn” especially when you start off on life’s path aiming to becoming self-reliant and independent.
Through achieving the standard of living you want for your financial rewards will most definitely govern your thoughts and expectations in life.
A regular wage packet and regular holidays and an attractive contract of employment which many people choose is  right for them and a most importantly a learning curves for those who think they know best and need a different work life style balance.
So before you leap into the world of self-employed get qualified in the industry you want to operate in  ,know you competitors and don’t beat yourself up if at first you don’t get matters quite right .
I truly believe “Thoughts become Things

Best Wishes
Tony Moran Founder/Director
The Business Executive Club Ltd


The 21st century has proved to be TESTING TIMES in the world of work with job opportunities and job satisfaction being the key to determining your life style, where permanent employment contracts will become harder to secure and the words short term, temporary, flexible contracts will form a major part of people’s working life vocabulary.
Consequently the need to re-examine the choices that have to be made in this new era of employment with no guarantees is now more relevant in today’s world of employment than ever before.
The demand for a more independent flexible work force will become the norm in our everyday working life and the way to adapt to that trend is by being ready as a new generation of BUSINESS WARRIORS.
One thing we pride ourselves in is the ability to adapt to change in developing new skills and changing attitudes towards the world of employment.
We are now looking at a new generation of career minded entrepreneurs a growing sector of self-employed people who offer a comprehensive package of services with the flexibility to suit their life style whilst at the same time delivering a high level of service to the client/customer and maintaining financial independent.
The world of Business will also need to adapt their attitude and approach to the self-employed sector by recognising the true value and flexible contribution towards businesses.
We have a growing generation of educated people experiencing more than ever the lack of opportunities in this modern work place environment especially as we see the diminishing of permanent employment contracts and an increase of self-employed as a career choice.

This fast growing trend of self-employment beings a career option and must be achieved through  formal education courses based on a curriculum of business skills and knowledge in the business community delivered by the higher education colleges who have  excellent facilities to deliver.

These changes can only be addressed if we change our mind set and attitude towards the word self-employed by accepting joint responsibility by determining our own careers can we set out a life style journey with greater job opportunities and job satisfaction, the choice is there to take there is no right or wrong answer, it’s about how you see you worth your value your independence and most importantly your ability to earn a WAGE

The Business Executive Club Team
This blog was produced by Tony Moran, Co-Director of The Business Executive Club who meets every month at Denton Golf Club. Their ethos is Excellence through Experience. If you would like to find out more or attend one of BECs network lunches visit the website www.bexc.co.uk .


On 25th May 2018 GDRP will apply in the United Kingdom it has been confirmed that leaving the European Union does not affect the implementation date and failure to comply could leave businesses with a potential fine of 4% of its annual turnover and risk of losing clients.
Currently here in the UK with have the Data Protection Act 1998 which businesses have been compliant however as from May 2018 GDPR replaces the DPA.
No businesses that holds data is exempt from this new legislation including Schools, colleges. Universities, local authority’s agencies, housing associations, hospitals, Banks and so the list endlessly goes on, every business or governing body must comply by Law with GDPR.
A number of the larger businesses and institutions have already started by appointing a dedicated DGPR project manager who will most definitely need to seek professional advice on this matter.
Where does that leave the sole traders SMEs and independent high street businesses with what appears to be one size fits all policy.

The Government as produce a number of helpful information documents, along with regional presentation seminars available to help and guide SMEs businesses through this transitional period.
Which will inevitable will mean incurring additional costs and greater legal responsibilities for businesses.
Here are steps which will help you to prepare your business for the introduction of GDPR.

(1) Visitor free presentations on the topic in your network
(2) Read all the free information on government websites
(3) Review and update your current data protection policy
(4) Make sure your  IT system as the facility to delete data
(5) Have steps in place for clients and employees consent
(6) Check all  existing privacy notices and update accordingly
(7) Issue a notice to all employees identifying legal changing
(8) Run an information workshop for all employees
(9) Document an Audit trail to demonstrate your compliance
(10) If you’re not clear on any aspect of GDPR ask the regulator

Experience has taught me that when new regulations or guide lines are introduced for businesses the acid test will be  the first prosecution brought to court by the GDPR regulators.
Wait for the son of GDPR “Have you been miss sold” claim

This blog was produced by Tony Moran, Founder /Director of The Business Executive Club meeting monthly at Denton Golf Club. Their ethos is Excellence through Experience.


With the collapse of Carillion leaving thousands of people feeling vulnerable and a large number of contracted SME at risk of none payment for work completed. We have to learn the lesson if you’re the end of the food chain you can get hung out to dry as you wait up to 120days for payment. Firstly we need to review the payment terms and penalties for client’s non-payment of invoices as cash flow the life line of any business. The entrepreneurs the innovators the job creatures and work force communities in Cities and Towns need to be supported no different than the banks who in a time of crisis’s survived the financial crash of 2007/8 with government intervention of cash.
Business owners must have confidence to invest in apprentice training, staff development and to invest capital for growth as part of a strategic business plan.
As a greater number of SMEs come to the markets place with a highly competitive tendering procurement system, businesses must take a more pragmatical approach to safe guard and protect their business from boom and bust model of uncertainty .

Has been recognised for many years in the UK for being a cost effective way in promoting businesses whilst at the same time meeting likeminded business owners you can identify with.
Selecting the networking group that fits your business and most important finding a networking group that you feel is comfortable friendly and socially enjoyable.
The key to getting the best out of networking is by attending on a regular bases over a twelve month period, present yourself to the room with confidence building up business relationships with people you “KNOW LIKE and TRUST” does not happen overnight.
Most networking groups allow you to visit on two or three occasions before you make that decision to join and commitment to attending agreeing to abide to a code of conduct and rules of business etiquette clearly define by the group.
Professionally run networking groups have structured scheduled events allowing time for all attendees both members and invited guests to present their business to the room normally allowing a 60seconds slot.
Networking gives a great platform for individual entrepreneurs to develop presentation skills, learn how to start that initial conversation with a potential client. Who do you know who would be happy to make a referral to your business recommending to family friends and their existing clients on your behalf, that’s the POWER of networking extending your sale force.

By being a part of a networking forum you have the opportunity to mix business and pleasure making new friendships, especially those entrepreneur sole traders or business people operating from a home, networking is the way forward.

One of the main advantages to networking is a way of boosting your confidence sharing your experiences with others helps to build that TRUST.
Sometime in business we all experience that feeling of isolation, struggling in maintaining that “FEEL GOOD FACTOR” which is so crucial if you are to keep motivated and inspired.

(1) Book on via website or Eventbrite
(2) Arrive 15 -20 minutes early
(3) Take plenty of business cards.
(4) Prepare a 60sec introduction
(5) Build business relationship 1-2-1s
(6) Share your passions or interests
(7) Don’t hijack the conversation
(8) Ditch the sales pitch
(9) Ask for business cards
(10) Smile Relax and be yourself

This blog was produced by Tony Moran, Co-Director of The Business Executive Club who meets every month at Denton Golf Club. Their ethos is Excellence through Experience. If you would like to find out more or attend one of the network lunches visit www.bexc.co.uk


Examination results are out and choices need to be made on what’s best for you as an individual both career wise and for your own personal development

Based on the person you are today and visualising the person you want to become is the key to your success, by building on your strengths and equally important identifying your weakness can be challenging however better sooner rather than later if you are serious in choosing your highway to success, your journey belongs to you and no one else.
Qualifications come in all shapes and sizes one size does not fit all, search for the best curriculum that suits you, this may not be the right path first time round, in life nothing is set in concrete you have the ability to change direction, learning new skills

Peer pressure can and will influence what options you have, mainly from people who know you and care about you, there’s nothing wrong with positive constructive advice as everybody wants you to succeed.
The best qualification you can have is firstly to be a good listener, and then you can evaluate your situation and make a better informed decision,

Exciting times ahead in Choosing your highway to success  in whatever shape or form you decide,  which is best for you as you are a unique individual,

This blog was produced by Tony Moran, Co-Director of The Business Executive Club who meets every month at Denton Golf Club. Their ethos is Excellence through Experience. If you would like to find out more or attend one of the network lunches visit www.bexc.co.uk


With the collapse of Carillion leaving tens of thousands of people feeling vulnerable and a large number of contracted businesses at risk of none payment for work completed.
Those SMEs at the bottom of the food chain will be  hung out to dry as they wait up to 120 days for payment or the worst case sinario of none payment  of outstanding invoices.
The need to review payment terms and conditions for SMEs contracted by multinational companies which can be up to 120 days payment terms should now be reviewed for future T&Cs.
An agreed payment scheme within 30-60 days on completion of the contracted work being satisfactorily signed off should form part of a contractual payment scheme guaranteed   by the financial institutions or a Government supported scheme.
Those entrepreneurs, innovators, job creators, game changers must be confident as a major player in the recovery of the UK economy.
Better financial support and understanding from the banks would be welcomed, no different to the financial crash of 2007/8 with government intervention survival package supporting the financial sector in their hour of need.
Business owners must also have the confidence to invest in apprentice training, staff development and capital investment for future growth as part of their future business plan if they are to survive and retain the skills.
SMEs enter in to the market place of a highly competitive tendering procurement system, with tight profit margins and financially stretched balance sheets has proven to be a recipe for disaster for the building industry as Carillion announced compulsory liquidation.
The lesson to be learned here for SMEs is not to put all theirs eggs in to one basket, a more pragmatic approach to tendering by SMEs if they are to survive and protect their business from a boom and bust model of uncertainty in today’s climate of smoke and mirrors business politics.
In these challenging times where successive governments have failed to incentivise the private sectors companies who hire employees who in turn need job security and peace of mind when they go home after a days work.
The uncertainty the stress of losing their jobs through actions that are beyond control “FORCE MAJEURE” should not be allowed to continue, business exists for profit prosperity and confidence to create jobs.
“FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS A RE-ACTION” the reaction to this latest disaster will give a measure of how the private sector is seen in the eyes of those institutions, who believe in supporting the self-employed SMEs and true entrepreneurship, watch this space as matters unfold and we await the rescue package.
This blog was produced by Tony Moran, Co-Director of The Business Executive Club who meets every month at Denton Golf Club. Their ethos is Excellence through Experience.


On Thursday 23rd June 2016 the United Kingdom held a referendum to stay or leave the European Union with a turnout of 72.2%, the electorate voted 51.9% to leave and 48.1% remain with an impressive turnout of 30 million people voting.
As the E.U gasped with disbelief of many people in the U.K the business sector appeared to be like rabbits caught in head lights, the U.Ks position was clear as mud on both side of the argument.
Once article 50 had been triggered there was no turning back so the discussion and highly charged debates became news worth as the politicians dissected the facts according to which side of the fence they themselves were on.
For the business fraternity it was business as usual as we carry on with this sword of Damocles hanging above, immediately confidence weened but with true entrepreneurial spirit businesses took the view no matter what the negotiated agreement U.K Ltd will adjust to the new markets or existing market conditions whatever the case maybe and react appropriately, (of course) why because we can.

UK businesses will always adapt to accommodate changes only history will prove us to be right or wrong in our decision to leave the E.U.by which time they will have made the movie.
The art of any negotiation is to be firm but fair in trying to agree a new set of rules and if the E.U and the U.K fail in achieving that arrangement we will be left with no option but to register a FAILURE TO AGREE or FAIT ACCOMPLI.
Businesses cannot afford to sit around and wait for the politics of the day to provide an answer, as we quickly approach 23.00hrs on 29th March 2019 when we officially leave the E.U.
Historically the U.K has relied on the exporting and importing of goods and knowhow, as a trading nation that’s what we have proven to be good at. On the domestic front employment and prosperity are the key to any countries wealth and to have that feel good factor of confidence is so important.
Back in 1973 the United Kingdom joined the European Economic Union, in 1975 a second referendum was called on continued membership voting 67.2% remain to 32.8% to leave the Common Market “How the tide as changed”.
The U.K is still open for business and the jury’s still out, whether it’s for better or worse in sickness and in health let’s have a once and for all final decision and move on.
There’s a saying “No one pretends that democracy is perfect as long as you get the result you wanted” no wrong or right answer there then?

This blog was produced by Tony Moran, Co-Director of The Business Executive Club who meets every month at Denton Golf Club. Their ethos is Excellence through Experience.

High Street Businesses Survival of the fittest

How the high street landscape as change today with the announcement of further closures of town centre banks and the loss of a number of major retailers with the disastrous knock on effect for  small business owners in declining foot fall leaves town centres stunned.
The reasons we are given for these closures are down to the effect of the “ONLINE” banking and “ONLINE” retail shopping and the change in our shopping habits through technology.
Although online sales as proven to be beneficial for customers who can sit with their laptops to place retail orders, book holidays, weekly shopping, order meals and have them delivered on their door step without leaving the house can be seen as a part of modern day life style.
However as we examine the effects to the local High Street business owners and the dramatic consequences of our actions, which will eventually lead to the loss of the small retail business communities and the fragmentation of a townships high street presence.
We cannot just sit back and allow local businesses communities to be destroyed by what is already seen to be a given trend of high street banks and major retail closures.
The time has come for a new vision on keeping a town centres identity and encouraging independent businesses to keep their shops open on a profitable high street location.
Over the years there has been a number of initiatives to breathe life back in to the high streets  private business retail sector , with a somewhat  limited success in holding back the decline recently compounded with the weekly announcements of major retail closures,
Back in 2011 the Mary Portas High street initiative was rolled out across the country with some government funding trying to increase the awareness and benefits of maintaining a local high street retail business presence, the concerns were how the major retail outlets and chain stores were having a catastrophic effect on customers shopping habits were beginning to start a dramatically drop on our high street foot fall. Although the Portas initiative was seen as a buffer in stopping the decline of the high street it was not designed to reverse the trend; however it did bring out the discussion for collective benefits of the high street and raising the awareness of the need to protecting our Town Centres survival with new business ideas plus community values. Town centres have a history of adapting to change and with today’s trends and challenges the need for a national action plan in partnership with local authorities and local business entrepreneurs to work in collaboration together as never been greater  if we are to protect our Town Centres before they become dust bowl ghost towns and no go areas.
This blog was produced by Tony Moran Founder/Director of the “Business Executive Club”
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Tony Moran  Tameside business entrepreneur investor, Founder Director of BEC Ltd  incorporated  16th August  2016 successfully  launched here in Tameside on 14th September 2016 BEC  hit the ground running becoming  the Northwest  No1  fastest  growing business to business networking group.
It’s my firm belief that in the changing world of work we must encourage people’s entrepreneurial spirit to grow and inspire others.
BEC has attended a number of schools and colleges presenting to students as part of BECs vision and values in giving back, we are proud to be involved with Manchester Metropolitan University on Entrepreneurial learning.
Our Aim is to bring all types of businesses together from new Start-ups Part time Career Blenders , Self-employed, SMEs Insurance Brokers, Accountants, Bookkeepers  Printers ,Web designers, Stationery suppliers Garage owners ,Car sales  Will writters,Solicitors ,Retailers. Estate agents, Trades people, Architects, Building companies, Letting agents, Florists, Human Resources, Heath & Safety, Business Coaching have an exclusive place round the BEC table.
BEC Seminars have been a great success giving added value to members with a universal invitation to promote their business.
Experience has taught me referring business by recommendation of people you “Know Like and Trust” as proven to be the best cost effective way to do business and support each other by extending your sales team.

This blog was produced by Tony Moran  Founder/Director of the  “Business Executive Club”
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